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The Wrap: Little Giant backlash, Norimoto Bakery moving

The sale of Little Giant, announced last Wednesday, has been generating a not-so-little backlash from its former employees. A representative of the restaurant’s staff of 25 confirms they are upset that they were not given advance notice about the sale, instead learning about it through Instagram, a story in the …

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Chicago Week in Beer, September 13-16

Cone top quart can from Best Brewing of Chicago. A quick kudo to the folks at Werk Force Brewing. On Friday, September 10, the village of Plainfield issued a Mandatory Boil Order after e coli was found in the water supply (WJOL). Werk Force responded by boiling a tank full …

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Oktoberfestbier: Brewing the World’s Most Famous Party Lager

It’s one of the most notorious confusions in beer and fodder for endless lager-head fansplaining: Why is our American “Oktoberfestbier” a toasty, sweet amber lager rather than something closer to the sublimely dangerous golden liquid that Bavarians actually drink by the liter at Oktoberfest every year? Or, to frame the …

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