Getting started with homebrewing

One of Ben Walker's barrel aged rye stouts he home brewed from an old recipe he made with his late friend Colin Brougham.

The last two years have found a lot of people stuck at home with more time on their hands. Whether you fit into that category, or are just simply looking for a new hobby, homebrewing may be for you. 

Homebrewing is a relatively easy and cheap hobby or thing-to-do. It’s so easy in fact that many homebrewers get their start with a trip to Home Depot or by getting a brewing kit. 

“I used a lot of stuff from Home Depot and Lowe’s. Still do,” said Roast and Toast general manager and homebrewer Ben Walker. 

“You can get all food safe stuff and it’ll be fine to use. You can quite literally brew with just a pot, a hose and a bucket. It may take a little longer and taste a little different but, in the end, you’ll still have a good homebrewed beer,” he said. 

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