Craft beer delivery, mini keg subscription and pub-in-a-box drive sales for Lion Brewery amid pandemic

The brewery was established in Singapore in 2018, producing craft beers sold on its online store, supermarket chains, as well as on-trade channels.

During the COVID-19 pandemic last year which hit on-trade channels hardest, Lion Brewery saw its keg sales plummeted, and so turned focus onto the B2C channels, particularly e-commerce.

Pre-pandemic, e-commerce only accounted for about 3% of sales, according to Lion Brewery’s general manager and co-founder, Will Julius.

However, during the pandemic, e-commerce, specifically its home delivery craft beer service, contributed 98% of sales.

As Singapore started to ease restrictions around June and more on-trade channels opened, the brewery was able to sell its kegs and sales have managed to grow 400% compared to pre-pandemic times.

E-commerce now accounts for about 10 to 20% of monthly sales.

Julius told FoodNavigator-Asia​ having an online store before the pandemic proved advantageous during the lockdown period: “We were already doing home deliveries, and had a following of customers. We had a system in place, whereas I think a lot of other players were maybe playing catch up a little bit, since they didn’t have a home delivery service​.”

New concepts

Besides the craft beer delivery service, Lion Brewery also introduced various concepts to engage consumers, as well as its team.

We’re all sitting at home not able to go anywhere, so we were really trying to think outside the box and coming up with concepts that were creative and fun to keep our customers and us engaged​.”

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