43 awesome Father’s Day gifts dads will actually use

Every year like clockwork, Dad tells you he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: Even the pickiest or most stubborn of fathers still want gifts for Father’s Day. The trick is to buy ones of the practical variety that will actually be useful on a daily basis. After all, he may not want another watch to add to his collection, but a watch that will help him perfect his golf game? Now that’s something he’ll happily accept.

From four-in-one grilling tools to compact key holders to a smart meat thermometer, all of the 43 gifts on this list are products your pops will actually find use out of. What’s what is that all 43 gift ideas also happen to be on sale today, too. For a limited time, shoppers who use the code GIFTFORDAD15 at checkout will receive an additional 15% off their purchase.

Popeye Gift Set: Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Cream, Post Shave Lotion, now $42.49 with code GIFTFORDAD15

Popeye brand shaving cream, lotion, and oil.

Paying homage to the iconic Sailor Man, the Popeye Gift Set has all the products needed (pre-shave oil, shave cream and aftershave) to get the closest, cleanest shave possible.

Connect-it BBQ Tool Set, now on sale for $33.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person using tongs to pick up chicken off the grill.

This grill master of the family will appreciate this high-quality two-piece stainless steel tool, which functions as a spatula, tongs, fork, and server.

Altec Lansing ALT-500 Turntable now on sale for $63.71 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A turntable.

Ask any audiophile: Music always sounds better on vinyl. And Dad will agree too after he listens to his favorite record on the ALT-500, a three-speed turntable that can spin records and stream music through your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

FrankOne™ Brewer + FrankCoffee now on sale for $84.15 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A coffee brewing kit.

Dad might not be able to hang at his favorite coffee shop just yet, but the FrankOne Brewer allows him to get the same expertly-crafted brews at home. This is all thanks to the device’s VacTec technology, which reduces the bitterness and acidity in your beans. The result: An intense, delicious cup of hot coffee or iced cold brew.

Brutus Beard Company: 3-Piece Gift Set now on sale for $33.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

Brutus brand shave oil

Dad has plenty of pomades, mousse, wax, and other products for the top of his head. But where he’s lacking is products specifically for the hair on his face. Give his beard routine some much needed TLC with this kit, which comes complete with a beard wash, beard balm, and beard oil.

Craft Beer Homebrewing Kit now on sale for $39.06 with code GIFTFORDAD15

Craft beer brewing kit.

If Dad’s a fan of craft beer, he’s sure to love this pale ale brewing kit. Inside, he’ll find all the supplies, ingredients, and directions needed to craft a brewski with malty, full-bodied beer.

Izzo® Triple-Chip Chipping Net now on sale for $20.39 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person putting into a chipping net.

Finally, a gadget that lets you play golf in your backyard without annoying the neighbors. The Izzo Golf Triple Chip net offers three different targets for golfers to practice short shots without the need for a putting green.

Callaway Executive Putting Mat now on sale for $33.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person using a putting mat.

And if Dad would rather practice his shots indoors, gift him the Callaway Executive Putting Mat (now on sale for over 30% off). It’s designed to mimic true putting greens and comes with a moveable cup that’s 1/4 smaller than regulation size so that it can sharpen his aim.

DIY Sprayable Vinyl Wrap Kits: 20″ to 22″ Wheel Kit now on sale for $69.66 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A car on the road near water.

Dads of the world, meet Superwraps. This peel-able, sprayable vinyl wrap kit allows you to trick your ride with wheels that have a high-gloss finish that’s UV-, chemical- and scratch-resistant.

Firepod: Portable Multi-Functional Pizza Oven now on sale for $305.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A portable mini pizza oven.

If the men in your life are whipping up pizzas in a conventional oven, know that they’re seriously missing out. The Firepod, for instance, can deliver crispy crusts that rival your local pizzeria. Plus, with its portable design, users can enjoy freshly cooked pies at their next cookout, camping trip or alfresco meal.

Keyport Pivot Outdoor Plus Bundle now on sale for $39.94 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person using a Keyport device to cut.

Calling all DIYers: The Keyport Pivot Outdoor Plus Bundle was made just for you. This muli-tool replaces most of your everyday essentials — keys, pocket tools, pen, flash drive, among them — and as a bonus, the bundle also comes with a variety of Keyport add-ons, including a flashlight, pocketknife, and smart tracker.

GOLFBUDDY Aim W10 GPS Golf Watch, now on sale for $161.49 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person wearing a golf watch

This is no ordinary fitness tracker. Instead of simply just displaying your heart rate, it can actually give you real-time info to help improve your golf game. This includes accurate distance measurements, a digital scoreboard, and a map of your golf course (it’s pre-loaded with 40,000 golf courses across 170 countries).

The BeachBox: Portable Shower & Storage now on sale for $144.49 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person using a portable shower device.

Campers and surfers alike will find real value out of the BeachBox, a portable shower and storage box that can help you clean off dirt, sand, and saltwater in a flash. Simply fill up the tank with about a gallon of water, and use the shower wand to get squeaky clean, no matter where you are.

PhiGolf: Mobile & Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick now on sale for $212.49 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person using a golf simulator.

Phigolf WGT Edition caught our eye after a successful fundraising on Indiegogo to the tune of $200,000. This smart golf simulator, which features a state-of-the-art sensor and swing, is one of the more immersive virtual golf games we’ve seen yet. Simply choose your course, and play on one of many photorealistic greens from around the world, no nets or balls necessary.

Dave Jr. Duffel Bag now on sale for $107.09 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A duffle bag.

For the aspiring Bear Grylls in our lives, give them a backpack that can stand up to all of their intense outdoor adventures. The Dave Jr. is a roomy duffel that is crafted from completely waterproof materials and has an armor-plated SuperFabric bottom to offer a lifetime of sturdiness.

Vortix Melo Massager + 6 Interchangeable Heads now on sale for $84.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person using a back massager.

Athletes of all kind can vouch for the functionality of massage guns, like the Vortix Melo Massager. This tool tap into percussive, or vibration, therapy to reduce the feeling of muscle soreness and pain, increase blood flow, improve flexibility, and reduce lactic acid build-up quickly and safely.

Otto Lite: Professional 1,500°F Steak Grill now on sale for $594.15 with code GIFTFORDAD15

The Otto Lite steak grill

Dad might not be able to go to the steakhouse just yet, but that doesn’t mean he can enjoy the same perfectly seared meats at home. This Father’s Day, give him the Otto Grill Lite, a compact oven that sears steaks quickly and leaves behind a flavorful crust. And if Dad is in the mood for surf and turf or some ‘za, the grill does work just as well with fish, other proteins, and pizza.

Callaway Golf Trunk Locker now on sale for $47.59 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A box holding golf gear.

There’s no shortage of great golf gifts on our list. Next up comes from Callaway. Its Golf Trunk Locker can stow away dad’s shoes, clothes, cap, and golf balls for easy travel to and from the course.

RepliTronics USB Charge Machine now on sale for $42.49 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A charger meant to look like a change machine.

Bring the arcade to Dad’s home with this novelty, 80s inspired USB charger, designed in the same vein as the iconic change machine. This small replica features six USB ports to let Dad charge all of his gadgets at once. Plus, thanks to its advanced safety features, he’ll never have to worry about overcharging, overheating or short-circuiting his devices.

Marshall® Mode EQ Wired Earphones now on sale for $46.74 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person holding headphones.

If you are going to listen to music without wireless headphones, you might as well be using the Mode EQ Earphones. This high-quality pair of wired headphones come with stellar audio quality, and when users flick on the EQ switch, enables them to customize their sound with warm and bass-heavy settings.

Mini Magic Wireless Photo Printer + 6 Thermal Rolls now on sale for $50.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A photo printer.

The Mini Magic Wireless Photo Printer can let you snap pictures, edit them in-app, create texts, to-do lists, and illustrations and then print them all out to post around your home, with no ink necessary.

Burberry Weekend Eau De Toilette for Me now on sale for $18.69 with code GIFTFORDAD15

Burberry perfume.

If Dad loves fresh notes in his colognes, consider gifting him BURBERRY’s Weekend for Men Eau de Toilette, which emits scents of citrus notes (like lemon and grapefruit) as well as oakmoss and sandalwood. Did we mention, it’s also on sale for under 20 bucks?

DIY Drone Builder Kit now on sale for $50.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person holding a drone.

Drones aren’t just for kids. They’re also for the kids at heart. If that sounds like the father figure in your life, the DIY Drone Builder Kit might just be the most memorable Father’s Day gift yet. This bundle comes will all the materials he’ll need to build his own fully-functioning drone, which can be controlled via his smartphone. And once it’s all said and done, Dad can fly the device outside for all sorts of fun.

Tommy Bahama Island Life Men’s Eau de Cologne Spray now on sale for $21.21 with code GIFTFORDAD15

Tommy Bahama perfumeAnother affordable cologne on this list is the Tommy Bahama Island Life Spray, which offers notes of nutmeg, cedar, and bergamot for a spicy, warm finish. Currently, it is on sale for $21.21 with the code.

Slide & Serve BBQ Skewers Bundle: 3 Sets now on sale for $31.44 with code GIFTFORDAD15

Skewers with grilled meat and veggies.

This new take on a shish-kabob is designed to ensure your ingredients, meats, vegetables, and all, stay firmly in place when you turn them on the grill.

KOLD™ Vacuum Insulated Bottle now on sale for $15.29 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A Kold water bottle

True to its name, the KOLD bottle comes with a vacuum insulated design that keeps your water completely chilled even when the weather forecast is at an all-time high. Plus, it also happens to be leak-resistant so you can stow it away in your gym bag without fear of it getting your belongings soaked.

PutterBall Backyard Golf Game now on sale for $144.49 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person playing Putterball outside.

PutterBall, a new putting game that combines the target practice of beer pong with the fun of mini-golf, is an Amazon favorite product, amassing an impressive 4.8-star rating on the site. And after one game, there’s a good chance it will be Dad’s new favorite product, too.

Carbon Fiber Compact Key Holder + EDC Tools Pack now on sale for $25.49 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person using an ARFKEY

You’ve noticed over the past year that between mailbox keys, door keys and car keys, Dad’s pockets are bulkier than ever. A simple solution to help him get organized is the ARFKEY, a compact key holder that can fit up to 18 common keys in one sleek design. Bonus: it also doubles as a brass door opener and a bottle opener, too.

GrillEye® Pro Plus: Hybrid Grilling & Smoking Thermometer now on sale for $84.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

An electronic grill thermometer

Dad loves his barbecues. But what he hates? Hovering over the grill instead of having a beer with his friends. The GrillEye Pro Plus, a smart meat thermometer, changes that by monitoring your meats and giving you updates on its cook time through your smartphone.

LVL Shave Co: The Ultimate Neck Groomer now on sale for $47.59 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A device to shave the back of one's neck.

This genius razor lets dad shave the hair on the back of his neck for a quick, fresh clean up without needing to go to the barbershop. This is all thanks to its three interconnected razors that allow it to glide smoothly on the back of your neck.

Izzo Golf: Sharp Shooter Putting Trainer & Game Set now on sale for $20.39 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A golf putting device.

Practice makes perfect. So if Dad wants to be the best golfer on the green, he’ll want handy tools like the IZZO Sharp Shooter at home to help refine his game. This target practice tool helps golfers at all levels develop their speed, accuracy, and precision skills.

Rollova 2.0 Digital Ruler now on sale for $65.44 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person using a digital ruler.

Unlike traditional rulers which are meant for perfectly flat materials and rely on you to accurately measure length, the Rollova can be used on a variety of irregular surfaces, and its LED display takes the guesswork out of reading the final measurements. Consider it a must for the DIYer in your life.

Marshall® Acton II Wireless Smart Speaker now on sale for $186.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A bookcase with books and a Marshall speaker.

A speaker of this caliber rarely goes on sale — until now. Marshall’s Action II Voice, a Bluetooth-enabled, voice-activated speaker that boasts well-balanced sounds and booming audio, Amazon Alexa integration, and a stunning display is currently on sale for over 30% off its retail price.

Q-Swiper® BBQ Grill Cleaning Bundle now on sale for $28.04 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person cleaning a grill.

Sure, grill cleaners aren’t the coolest gifts to give Dad, but they might just be the most beloved. After all, giving him a product like the Q-Swiper, which allows him to wipe away grease quickly and effectively, will help him spend more time grilling and less time cleaning. And who doesn’t want that?

Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves now on sale for $16.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person grilling sausages wearing a glove.

Dad is a big fan of practical gifts. So naturally, he’ll be a fan of these heat resistant gloves which help protect him from burns while grilling, baking or cooking.

Sukasu Osami 3-Pc Chef’s Knife Set now on sale for $33.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person slicing citrus.

Any chef knows the pain of having a sub-par knife. It makes even the simplest tasks, like slicing tomatoes or chopping root vegetables, difficult (and sometimes, impossible). Good thing these three Sukasu Osami knives, which are now on sale for a reasonable $33, can stand up to pretty much any challenge in their way.

Omega 2.0 Inkless Pen now on sale for $29.99 with code GIFTFORDAD15

Pens, paper, and a ruler on a desk.

Life is all about the little things, like having a pen that doesn’t blot ink all over the paper and ourselves. Omega’s 2.0 Inkless Pen allows you to write finely without fear of smudges, stains, and splatters. Think of it as the last pen you’ll ever own.

Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 now on sale for $71.36 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A color sensor on a tree.

Perfect for DIY painters, the Nix Mini 2 Color Sensor can easily identify any color against over 100,000 known hues with a simple scan. From there, it will store the information on your smartphone so that you can easily reference it for your next project.

GoGolf GPS Accurate Rangefinder now on sale for $76.49 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A person holding a rangefinder.

If Dad is an avid golfer, he’ll be sure to appreciate this handy wearable. All he has to do is push a button, and he’ll immediately know the distance to the pin.

Luxitude Groomer, Beard Trimmer & Shaver now on sale for $20.39 with code GIFTFORDAD15

A grooming set.

As far as modern shavers go, it is hard to top the Luxitude Groomer. This dual mustache and beard trimmer is fitted with steel blades that can precisely cut facial hair. The rechargeable device also comes with four additional head attachments and a travel case to make the device that must more functional.

The Dad Book: Truths, Hacks, & Dad-isms now $20.95

The Dad Book

If you want to give Dad a laugh this Father’s Day, this book should do the trick. Loaded with everything from funny insights on life with kids to ill-advised parenting hacks, The Dad Book is sure to be a hit with your favorite father figure.

Note: this deal cannot be used with the coupon code.

The Dad Law Book now $27.95

The Dad Law Book

Finally putting the unwritten rules of dadhood on paper, The Dad Law Book is the perfect gift for long-time and expecting dads.

Note: this deal cannot be used with the coupon code.

Dad-isms 2020-2021 Father’s Day Calendar now $25.95

The Dad-isms tear-away calendar

Why limit Father’s Day to just one day out of the year? With this clever tear-away calendar, you can treat your favorite father figure to a funny dad-ism day after day. Whether it’s a bad pun or a tidbit of wisdom, each dad-ism is sure to bring a smile to their face.

Note: this deal cannot be used with the coupon code.

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